Work Placement

• experience an institution from within and work cooperatively and independently within a
  research project. The work placements will be negotiated with a range of organisations,  
  galleries, museums and heritage organisations;
• exercise initiative and personal responsibility, demonstrate independent learning ability
  required for continuing professional development;
• deal with complex issues in the work place systematically and creatively, make sound
  judgements in relation to research and communicate conclusions clearly through a
  research report to specialist and non-specialist audiences;
• analyse and evaluate the structure of a museum/gallery, outlining its history and future


• demonstrate through a written dissertation the theories and practice of issues related to
  learning and teaching in the informal and heritage sector;
• demonstrate an enhanced knowledge and understanding of the field;
• analyse and evaluate collected research work and other documentation and present
  findings confidently to student peer group;
• contribute and communicate effectively to the host institution the outcomes of the
  placement and research dissertation.