Student Views

"Thank you for an amazing year at UCL IoE. For me, this was the fulfilment of a goal and a dream that I have been carrying with me for over a decade. I'm so thankful that it happened under your guidance and with your collective and inspiring knowledge."

"I'll be heading back to the USA the 1st of March. Until the end of February, I'll be at Museum of London where I have been covering in their Early Years and Family Programmes departments. I am having the time of my life at MOL. What a treat to fill the gap between the end of classes and the end of my visa with a short-term contract at Museum of London!"

"Thank you for letting me be a part of IoE on a greater level through teaching opportunities and I am more than willing to be a contact if you hear any students talking about issues that they want to research/study that I've worked on (early years, family programmes, early literacy, health care providers in galleries, teaching with objects, gallery programmes for children on the autism spectrum, collaborating with early years carers/centres)."

"I will go back to the States having gained so much and with a richer and deeper understanding of the museum career that I love. If I get the chance to come back to the UK, I'd love to see you!"

"Thanks so much for the inspired idea of the day trip to Paris. It was fascinating going to Musée du Quai Branly and of course just great fun to be in Paris."

"Have been offered some paid work for the team at UCL who want to develop park apps? starting with crystal palace park... about researching current stuff on apps as well as how to get funding... it will be good experience and interesting! Happy and grateful as it was off the back of the heritage module that I got this opportunity."