Constructing and Interpreting Heritage Culture (MMAMGE_07)
Module Tutors: Pam Meecham and John Reeve
Autumn Term

This module explores the learning and teaching opportunities that take place in spaces typically defined as places of leisure rather than learning. As the boundaries between formal and informal learning blur alternative sites for learning such as heritage sites (including gardens, zoos and the eco-museum via geo-tourism) have extended their educational remit beyond the pamphlet or guide-book. This module explores and critically appraises the educational potential of these sites and you will be required to:

• critique received views of heritage, culture and history within
   a multicultural increasingly global context and to offer an
   alternative perspective on museum and gallery learning;
• develop a critical understanding of the contribution the
   heritage industry can make to building new cultures
   and communities;
• establish the need for criticality in relation to learning and
   teaching in informal educational sites;
• understand the structures and ideologies that sustain heritage
  culture within the global context of the ‘new tourism’.