Report on an aspect of Museum & Galleries Education (MMAMGE_98)
Module Tutors: Pam Meecham and John Reeve
Summer Term

This module aims to provide a structure in which you are supported and informed in your endeavours to:
• identify a topic and to sharpen the focus of a question for research;
• understand the philosophical underpinnings of different research paradigms;
• identify an appropriate methodological approach for the investigation of your research question;
• conduct research and articulate your findings in an extended piece of writing.

Contemporary issues and practices in museum and gallery education, the wide range of settings, and the dynamic relationship between theory and practice offer you many possibilities to pursue innovative research relevant to your own professional practice. The report module provides you with a supportive and informative programme of presentations, seminars, student-led presentations, and individual tutorials in which you are encouraged to consider and discuss methodological issues as well as specific content pertaining to the development of your report. In the field of museums and galleries you are required to submit a 10,000-word report.

As a result of following this module you should be able to:
• identify a topic for independent study and to sharpen the focus of a research question;
• demonstrate an understanding of the philosophical underpinnings of different research
• demonstrate an awareness of methodological issues in relation to a particular research
• refine a research report through a process of writing and rewriting.