Titles of Recent MA Reports

•  A Place to be Good? An exploration into the use of gallery education in the rehabilitation
   of offenders.
•  Cream Teas or Linen-Fold Panelling? An investigation into non-directed visitor learning
   at the National Trust’s Sutton House.
•  Culture and sculpture in the square: Trafalgar Square as an educational resource.
•  Dancing Bears in the Great Court? A critical examination of the contemporary arts and
   cultures programme at the British Museum.
•  ‘De-Contextualised Jumble’ or ‘Glorious Treasure Trove’ – How do Visitors Make
   Meanings in the Pitt Rivers Museum?
•  Designs on Constable: An examination of the potential of exhibition design to create
   learning opportunities for the independent visitor to a fine art museum.
•  Early Years Museum Audiences; are they more than ‘Climbers and Creepers’?: An
   Evaluation of Museum Provision for Early Years Nursery Settings.
•  Slipping on Banana Skins: how do artist interventions function within the benign space
   of  Sir John Soane’s Museum?
•  Thinking with Food: the use of culinary heritage as a learning tool in museums.
•  Behind the Scenes in Crystal Palace Park: A community audio trail.