Titles of Recent MA Dissertations

• An investigation into the learning that occurs through Museum Theatre.

• Designing spaces for effective learning: What does a successful learning space look and
  feel like and how is this achieved?

• ‘Fusty, out of time, a jumble of artefacts, modern jostling with old’. A thematic analysis of
   visitor experience at 7 Hammersmith Terrace; what can a postmodernist perspective
   tell us?

• Handling Handel: An introduction to perceptions and demographics of visitors and
  concert-goers and their relationship to the Handel House Museum.

• Who wants to be a volunteer? I do! Should a rural museum be a portal for Social History,
  Social Enterprise, or both? A study into how volunteers can shape the role of the museum.

• Why does the Design Museum do family learning? A conceptualisation of family learning
  within Get Creative at the Design Museum.

• Witness the witness: an exploration of children’s attitudes, experiences and learning when
  meeting and listening to a Holocaust survivor.

• Phantasmagorias in Photography Education: How engaging with photography can
  support postmodern learning in the museum.

• The Missing Link: A critical assessment of public engagement with prehistory.